Tips: Gearman connect error “Failed to send server-options packet” in PHP

After running a simple PHP Gearman client script, it throws the error below: libgearman/ in /home/work/public_html/site/gearman_client.php on line 14 Solution: The default host and port of Gearman is “localhost” and 4730 respectively. Normally you don’t need to mention it explicitly according to the documentation. But apart from the documentation, I had to explicitly mention it in both client and worker script to make it work. $worker->addServer(“localhost”,4730); Ref: You might also want to look into this post. Sample Worker script: (/usr/bin/php

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Install Gearman PHP extension from PECL

If you have already installed Gearman Job server, now it’s time to install the PHP extension to make it usable from PHP scripts. Gearman PHP Extension The Gearman PHP extension wraps the C library installed with the Gearman C Job Server package. This provides a client and worker interface in PHP that looks much like the C interface. The PHP extension also extends the procedural interface to provide a native object oriented interface as well. This allows you to use

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Install Gearman daemon from source in CentOS

Installing Gearman on CentOS 6.2 The latest Gearman version available in the EPEL repository is not always up to date. The latest version of Gearman at this moment is 1.1.6. So, here is the procedure to install the Latest version from source. It’s easy to install but I’ve run into some problems while installing that in an amazon EC2 large instance. So added the troubleshooting parts too. Install Gearman’s dependencies Use yum to install the dependencies that Gearman needs: yum

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My slides on Apache-Solr in PhpXperts seminar 2011

I had a chance to speak at PhpXperts Seminar 2011. As usual it was a wonderful event and the crowd was rocking! I talked about Apache-Solr and the title was: Apache Solr! Enterprise search solutions at your fingertips! It was on hot shared list in facebook that day! Here is the slides in slideshare: Apache Solr! Enterprise Search Solutions at your Fingertips! from Murshed Ahmmad Khan I wish to share more fine tuning, integrating and troubleshooting on Apache-Solr & Nutch

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Even Better Debugging; Equipped yourself with powerful tools…

I was a speaker in the phpxperts seminar 2010 here in Dhaka. The event was fabulous! Big crowd; Big arrangement; Excellent show! Nearly 400+ people participated the seminar with a festive zeal and waited 6-8 hours until it reached to the end! That was awesome. The other topics for the seminar was also very interesting and covered a wide variety of subjects. Here is my talk, “Even Better Debugging; equipped yourself with powerful tools”. It was aimed for the PHP

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